Ayahuasca is a traditional plant based medicine that has it’s origins in the Amazon Basin and has been used for thousands of years. Recently it has been gaining global recognition for its many healing properties, most notably in the Western world for dealing with depression and addictions. It is not considered a religion, but has deep spiritual roots. The active ingredient is DMT also know as the ‘spiritual molecule ‘as it can activate the pineal gland, leading to profound thoughts, connections and gratitudes. Modern science shows that it has incredible therapeutic possibilities, including breaking bad neural connections and allowing them to reconnect in a positive way.

If you are abusing recreational drugs/ alcohol and wish to continue. If you are taking anti-depressants, these need to be out of your system for at least one month. Antibiotics need to be out of the system for a least two weeks. If you have a heart condition or other life threatening ailment. Serious pyscological problems including schizophrenia. A woman during her monthly cycle as it can increase discomfort and take away from the experience.

Accommodations in an incredibly beautiful setting, all meals in accordance with the recommended diet. Transportation to the sites, payment for the ceremony, blankets, pillows and mats. Personal guidance before, during and after.

Arriving here at least 3 days before the first ceremony to detox and destress. Researching to make sure that the medicine is what you expect.

We are flexible and will tailor your experience for you Basic accommodations and meals for 7 days 1,500.000 cop (about $500 US) Transportation to the sites, (about 1 hour away) payment for the ceremony, blankets, pillows and mats. 300,000 cop (about $100 US) per ceremony.


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